Thursday, June 24, 2010

#90. buy and keep a plant living for over a month

Got a bamboo plant I've had for decently over a year now.

#40. save enough money for a new (highdef) tv (buy one?)

I did acquire a new HD tv. But not at all the way I would have ever wanted. G&G bought one for Aunt Margie, and when she passed away, the tv came to me. :(

#18. keep up with daily devotions

Been doing this for over a year now, so I think it's safe to close as complete.

#75. visit Maryland's farmers market before I leave

I never did do this. But since I did go to the Framingham farmer's market several times, I figured it's okay to cross off?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

#96. Make or bake something to take to a gathering...

Had I really not done this prior to '07? I've certainly done it quite a bit since! This is mucho complete and not even on purpose.

#53. Play mini golf

I'd imagine I must have done this more than once in the past almost three years? A particular one was 'Mulligans' on the side of a mountain in South Dakota. Random, but true. Only time I can think of.

#58. go all out decorating my apartment for Christmas without whining about the price

I pretty much did this the past two years.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

#5. meet new people and keep in contact

Between 2007 and now, this can definitely be checked off. I'm still in contact with folks from MD and met some lovely folks who have been friends here since then. :)

#89. find out how to lose 30-40 lbs without further screwing up digestive troubles... start working on it

I can't believe I haven't updated this thing in over a year! I did lose the 40 lbs and more, 50 total. I've since gained 15 back which makes me quite unhappy. But it was a major accomplishment and I plan to get back there again.

#6. convert home videos to home dvd's

Started on this one... slowly but... well, just slowly! I've got summer 1996 vacation entirely on DVD, that's about 1/1000 complete. Boo. Once I make up my mind and move, I'm going to bring the VHS's and dubbing machine to my place and make it a weekend job.

Friday, October 3, 2008

#89. find out how to lose 30-40 lbs without further screwing up digestive troubles... start working on it

I've made a good start! Saw a GI doc and a nutritionist (seeing both again next week) and now I'm down 10 pounds... 30 or so to go.

#52. become more involved in causes that I think are important

I'd say I'm pretty involved... Between piping up about Hanson and at any chance I can get, doing the homelessness walk, and being involved at the inside of the Tanzanian choir coming next week, and being totally into politics this year, I've been "taking my chances, getting involved".

#23. go to a city or state that I haven't visited yet

Key West! :)

#3. # walk a mile twice a week for at least a month

hahaha. I'm up to closer to three miles, and more like 5-6 times a week instead of two. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

#81.go to Lauren's high school graduation

Lauren graduated on Friday the 13th. Interesting day for a graduation I think!

Lj entry,

#46. find a nice sized, detailed RI map for my wall

I've got a decent map. Though it's not on my wall, I don't feel the necessity for it that I did when I made this list (and I was living in MD).

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

#70. see Hanson live at a seated venue

Yay, Northampton, MA!

Link here,

#26.learn guitar

I guess it's safe to say I learned it. I finished a 10-week course, and I would say I can play. I'm not good per say, but I can play. :)

#3. walk a mile twice a week for at least a month

Working on it. I'm probably pretty close for May. But I haven't been keeping track. I'm also not sure exactly how far I go when I walk. But I am quite certain it's at least a mile. I need to buy a pedometer, and keep track for June.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

#30. give a dating site another go

Registered for eharmony again. Maybe I will get to meet someone this time.

#86. watch an RIT hockey game

I got to see the Tigers take on UConn at UConn a few weeks ago. There was also an alumni event before the game and I got to meet coach Wilson for the first time. It was a good time, there were a decent amount of RIT people there too.

#36 put together a large puzzle

I'm working on a good sized puzzle now. I just got to the boring, harder part (all sky and water) so it will probably slow down. But I'll get there!

#1 join a music group

Last week I started singing with the Plymouth UCC in Framingham's choir. It is about a half mile or less from my apartment.

My top two and biggest things are now complete.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

#99 bake or make something and bring it into work

Does making personalized Christmas cards for everyone I worked closely with at Mcardle count?

#92 make it to bed before 2:30 for a week

I did do this while I was on 2nd shift. I had myself on a schedule where I went to bed right when 'Hope in the Night' radio show ended for a bit.

Of course I *have* to do it now pretty much. Unless I like the idea of sleeping through work. :-p

#60 acquire 7th Heaven season 5 dvds when they come out (and any other seasons that come out during the duration)

I got season 5 with a gift card I got for Christmas. Started watching the episodes tonight. :)

#33 wear clothes that fit more often

I picked up a pair of pants one size down from what I typically wear and they fit. Technically as long as I get pants sized "at the hip" instead of 'below', I could probably go down one more size. That's be snug though, and that's not really comfortable imho. So I will stick with the one that 'fits' for now. At least for work.

Speaking of which, since I work 9-5, I have to dress a little more 'smartly' now. So in general I am wearing clothes a little more fitting more often.

#41 visit 4 new restaurants

Went to a Chinese/Asian noodle place this week. Nothing particularly exciting, but it was a new restaurant! (1/4)

#28 play piano more often

I've taken a step forward on this one. I've got my keyboard in my bedroom at my new apartment here. :)

#39 clean out my gmail and yahoo inboxes

gmail clearing out done! I'm trying to keep it under say 15 emails all the time. But I went from 2000 unread down to 2000 *total*. So, not bad!
Now I need to work on my yahoo account.

#37 find my nativity set

Started looking when I was in MD. Strange story because I honestly thought it was there in MD somewhere, hidden in my big closet there or something. But then I started packing to move and... no sign of it. I *knew* for certain though that I had had it when I lived in the hotel the Christmas before. Because I remember looking at it wishing I could get an apartment before Christmas.

Long story short, about four days before Christmas, G found it in her garage! So I got it setup in my new place with a few days to spare. :)

#32 # keep up with sunday football and my fantasy teams

One of my teams won the season in it's league! My Brady-led mostly Patriots team won. The other two weren't too bad either really.

#4 follow through with doctors for digestive troubles

I have medicine! After all those crazy tests... Domperidone and biodophilous. Here's hoping!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

#7. take more initiative and be more aggressive at work

Since I've been training my replacement (and Jojo sort of), I guess I can safely say I've taken initiative. I also tried to voice my opinion on something the other day and got the response, "hey, you're leaving, your opinion doesn't matter anymore!". lol.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

#45 get a shoulder and neck massage

Got a shoulder and neck massage at the Renn Festival when I went with Catherine a few weeks ago down near Annapolis. It was nice. Now I want one more often. :-p